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Don't ask, don't tell

Jan. 28th, 2016 | 06:50 pm
location: Canada, Longueuil
mood: accomplished

Some people are truly strange when you're a stranger. And yes, when you're also alone - ugly faces really start to come out of the range. For some aught reason, thou, being unwanted makes most of them wicked women.

I'll keep this short, because anybody out there with half a functional frontal lobe to have recognized the general message in between the above hintline at this point would know where and whom I already kept this annoyingly long with. So, if they're a case of "nothing wrong" in friendzoning individuals, and you 'ask' - you'd get the same 'tell'. But the reason you asked in the first place was because you felt both conditions mismatch. Therefore, by natural laws of logic, you did ask. That's how far you would want to go before the Pandora's Box of little green dipshit apples opens up and engulfs yourself. What happened? Was it something I said? Was it something someone else has said? Did something even happen prior to my Helen Keller phase-changing in the open?

The US army has it pretty clear, thou. If you suspect faggotry in one of your inmates: don't ask. You'll save your brains. And even if they would come close to coming out, or, make signs about it - and it's just in the haps with you being one too - they won't generally tell. You keep the distance, they keep the dough. Alright, yeah.

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15 years, with a one-year shift

Sep. 14th, 2015 | 12:32 am
music: faint

2013 wasn't my idea of quitting yet, but no matter how much accent I would put on 2015, I think the link ended in 2014. That's one sound decade and a half (get it? =) ), and I'm not the least bit disappointed. I've had my share of good times with the EDM, but whatever's "in" today is "out" for me, simply put. Hence, I'll make this short.


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Sep. 5th, 2015 | 01:53 am
mood: What will it be tonight?

So, supposedly, they're opening this station today (i.e. September 5th). Being seven hours behind the curve, I'd say it could've been a perfect timing for me to plan ahead a little... festivity... to go with the event. Not that I'm doing this every time. And not that they're launching new stations ever so often.

However, one very kind douchebag has blocked me on NashTransport, so turns out I can't act out there. And it's not like I didn't deserve it, but I was thinking the dwarf would have some decency not to block my main profile the way he did. As result, I'm one whistle blow short now. Nonetheless I can still post it here, can't I? =) And so a feast was intended, and a feast we shall have.

You might be asking yourself the fuck am I bragging about? Well, dear reader (really?), besides the obvious dwarf who thinks it customary to come here and copypaste info he thinks he can just shove in your face elsewhere, I came up with a tiny-miny recipe for what the Russians call "shashlyk" ("shish-kebab" for all you non-speakers... 'cept pretty sure one of those words means "chicken" since the fidels don't eat pork... or do they?). A simple fact of four pictures, as follows:

[Spoiler (click to open)]

1) I had to my surpise a jar of pickled onions, a can of tomato juice and some leftover spices ("Montreal chicken"). So I added to this one freshly sliced onion, 250 ml of red wine vinegar, 500 ml of boiled water, one meat spice pouch (320 grams) and 1,5 kilos of de-boned pork chops scissor cut to irregular pieces.

2) Next step, I put it in the fridge for what was initially supposed to be 8 hours, but my fucking bike broke, so instead it lingered to 11, and then I just went to sleep overall, so, about 20 hours was the total brining process time. Meantime I stole some veggies from the nearest market, if you ever plan on doing this I suggest you at least wear a balaclava.

3) Taking out the ol' good barbie, I had to make sure to have the charcoal ready. Regular combustion method and one generous newspaper later, I was ready to impale the meat on skewers. The method of doing this is quite simple, all you have to do is count the edge margin to back the meat throughout your barbie's diameter. Consequently, make sure you pair the meat on your skewer with the onion slices you've just brined altogether. So it goes like one piece one slice, another piece another slice, and so forth.

4) Of course unless you're really fast, you'd make sure to start the barbie first. One thing I should mention here is that you gotta make sure the coals are not left piling up irregularly under the meat. Spreading them out is a good way to obtain constant invariable heat underneath your meat.

5) So then I've decided to go out for the booze and left the place for an hour or so. The night was breaking in when I came back, just in time to turn them to the other side. Another 40-45 minutes later the meat was done. I mean, I guess it was, because you don't see shit in the dark. So, in the meantime, I had time to organize this little banquet as previously intended.

All left to do now was to get fucking wasted wait for the station to open and grab some Kleenexes. Of course the latter didn't take an eternity:

Your move, Moscow Metro!

Golly =)

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On the letting go...

Apr. 26th, 2015 | 01:32 am
music: Dev ft. Enrique Iglesias - Naked (R3hab Remix)

About 11 and a half years ago, we had this little reunion back at Donati's. Got drunk, made some prank calls and told each other scary stories made of bullshit. Then Julien showed me this DAW he got from somewhere, which wasn't even the point back then. We made fun of it by putting up a lot of kicks on the pattern, and then speeding up the tempo to something like 500-600 BMP. "Yo, ça a pratiquement l'air d'une mitraillette..." Guillaume said. It was fun.
A couple of weeks later I got into trying to produce my first song with it. Back at the time it sounded weird, because I knew no filters, no VST, no chords and no tritones. But as I played more and more with it, I ended up creating something that sounded like a drum-n-bass blend with a really faint filter. Actually, the sound was bouncing off left and right, and seriously, it was pretty shitty. I plated it at another party, I think it was New Year's, and Bélanger said that I should add some vocals to it, like "Russian girls... need love". We laughed it off and I never did.
In early 2005 I got back to FL Studio (that was the DAW's name) and, since my dear CÉGEP was on motherfucking strike, managed to spend about two productive EDM weeks. The result was a couple of remixes to the Mega Man 7 game tracks, some of them good, some not so much. Then, I ended up remixing Sigma Stage Select from Mega Max X and that's when shit got awry. In fact, I still consider it to be the best remix I've ever created so far. Blending in the sound of uptempo trance, chiptune and granulized bass, it was certainly a hit. Followed some other remixes which hadn't gotten so lucky. I think some of them were even scrapped. The point is, I got my first taste of FL.
I stand today, almost 10 years later, at concluding this career. I won't talk about all of my achievements with this marvelous DAW up to date, don't think it's that important for this post. But we both went a long way, to end up at the crossroads of time, which has outgrown us both. There are today many a better DAWs than FL, especially if you got a good computer. As per myself, I just don't understand EDM anymore. It has gotten eerie, somewhat unacceptably finicky and at the same time too easy to listen to. We just don't go down the same road anymore. Tonight, I was listening to CHOM FM (Montreal's rock station) while driving home and it never occurred to me to switch back to Virgin '96. I really honestly outgrew it.
About my final remix... I will finish it, no matter what. It's a promise and, as every promise, it must and shall be kept. The question is rather that of time, as I seem to be slipping into an unforgettable abyss of routineness. And so the battle for free time continues.

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Night Witches

Mar. 18th, 2014 | 01:42 am

Google Images of Russian Girls (just type "русские девушки")... Some of these pictures, their faces, looks, contours really remind of those female air fighters who died in WWII theater around Southern Russia in 1942-43. Fearless women, young girls went to war only because they had nothing more to lose. Nothing behind, only heroic life pre or post factum of rigor mortis.

If you take a dandelion in your hand and raise it high up, you'll know the wind is playing with it. The wind of chance, which may either blow it not leave it intact. Now imagine, that this dandelion is your life, and blowing it would mean only one thing...

The Soviet Union stopped an apocalypse, 60 to 70 years before you even knew it. At the cost of 22 million lives. It just had to, and it did. The Americas wouldn't have been as must impacted as one would think, and most probably they'd have fended the invasion... But by how long? 10-20 years? Would've we been in 1955, 1960?

Don't cherish your appeal, only your life. Don't try to save your soul if it is not worthy of a heroic exploit. And never ever think about what you would be missing upon death, only that you might die... better... elsewhere.


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Mar. 17th, 2014 | 04:49 am


If you read Russian - I strongly recommend this dude. At least check out some of his posts, no need to comment. Very interesting insight on Russia and its activities, even if over half thereof are covered in the WWW.

Personally, he is your typical Russian guy. And frankly, nuff said. I myself have enjoyed commenting in his blog for, maybe, over 4-5 years now. There are many idiots coming there to bark up trees, some of them show up only to poise their departure. Alexander's attitude is rather neutral-to-friendly towards them, although it may be simply because he has little time for demeaning encounters.

Moscow was and is, for me, the turning point of cultural stretchability. My parents are both from there and live there right now. For them, Canada is but a fucking snow pole cajun descendants visitors heckhole filled with only strangeness and despair. Nothing to do, nothing to see. The infusion, foreboding a cultural shock I experienced and almost unscathingly survived, will never allow me to experience the same impact. That is, I know tons about Russian culture, mentality, pragmatism and stamina, but I cannot grasp any of it consistently. Maybe one day, as Sartre said, maybe tomorrow. Maybe not. The more older I grow, the more drastic grows the constant urge to let go. Of everything.

Anyway, I didn't want to start another post about mimimi, rather a tidbit promo of Russos. He's a really great guy. That about it. Praise to those who know him personally. If you have a penny to spare, do a favor and support his blogging. It will always pay of in a long run.

Also, don't pretend I was talking to myself the whole time. I know you're there, 'cause I see your lips move.

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Democracy vs. Russian mentality (yes! A post about those crazy rooskies!)

Feb. 26th, 2014 | 08:25 pm
location: 45.5109789, -73.626125
mood: codeine-induced
music: gentle tap humming

(Fucking codeine shit... I mean if only I knew how to find a good dentist who won't charge you 500$ for a simple root canal...)


Oh, it's not a big thing. I just wanted to mention that I'm past the point of being pissed off at those who, on Russian websites mostly, took for granted responding "If you don't like X, then press the X at the upper right corner of the screen", or "We don't tolerate that kind of behavior, please use it here [links to udaff.com]". I mean, HWAT DA FUGH?! If you don't want someone to do something on your website, then just go ahead and say so! Just take a keyboard, take your fingers, and type in "Any kind of X will not be tolerated, users blocked etc. You were warned". Period! Don't go into metaphori- ohhhhh yeah... 'SPIRITUALITY'! No. Fuck you. Idit'e nakhuiy.

Another thing. You try to be polite to someone, and this someone turns out to be a forum moderator of course. Aight. Then he (or she) starts deflecting upon their duties, and for example calls you names or uses vulgar. To me, the last time I checked, that was a clear violation of the ethical code of duties, say, of a moderator. And it is the damn right of a user to point shit out, last time I checked of course. Well, guess what. It isn't. You can't do that in Russia, because Yakov Smirnoff. Let me explain.

There is first of all common knowledge of 'letting the bigger fish flow', so as to those who take up higher positions that oneself are probably more worth respecting. Just thinking about this being true delivers the biggest realization of 'em all: I vote for the right people. I.e. the people I vote for are always the right ones. I.e. should any conflict ever arouse between me and these people, I shall be the one to step down since I voted for the right people. I.e. even if I think that these people are wrong, the reason of me calling it out divided by the probability of the vote makes it unlikely for me to ever obtain reason from questioning the ethics of the people the vast majority of voters have proven to be right... Otherwise said, what's good for the gander is good for the flock.

Then there is the fact that in Russia, it is customary to shut the fuck up in situations that may make another individual's butt hurt. They call it "not giving away others". Something of the like can be found in a Bible, somewhere... somewhere. Ah, yes. Love thy neighbor! Now I should point out that the word 'neighbor' is key to the argument here. Think for a second that you're walling out a motherfucker. A real pain the ass, which some individuals know he or she is, even if you don't. The motherfucker being your neighbor, you shut up and draw a policy of the raised hand (i.e. Don't ask, don't tell), and it ends with your lovely neighbor committing an act of felony. On the spot. Won't go into details. Well, you sure as fuck will yell: "How come? I thought he was X, and blah." Well, maybe you should've known the person better. You know, in your much hated 'Pindostan', a policy exists which allows potential future neighbors to find out whether or not the newcomer to their block has had any criminal activity in the past, and no, it is not wrong to perform such a check. Unfortunately, the Russian mentality for some inane reason, disallows the investigation upon others for your own well-being, just as it disallows for man and woman to have intercourse on the first date because who cares if their genitalia will misfit, right? It can't happen, right? Just as midgets don't happen, I guess.

So... yeah. To cherry up the cake, here's a story from mepasts. One of my flights back from Rusland to Yankeetown, courtesy of the inglorious Aeroflot, got delayed for 7 hours in SVO. Mid-January, 10:30 PM, -22 C outside. I was watching some Kevin Spacey rip-off all while listening to the intercom halfway, and right next to me, there was this middletown U.S. guy with a mobile in his hand, yelling into it: "No, Claire, we didn't take off. Jeez, that's fucktastic [sic]! Yeah, yeah, the pilot says something is wrong with the- NO I DON'T KNOW CLAIRE, I don't! Know! [looks away] AW FUCK THE RUSSIANS!" If you've ever heard something of the like, and did your best to retain the meandering snort at the lesser, you'd know what I mean.

In no way do I point out by the post to any superiority of anyone whatsoever. We're all equal. But all different. It's the difference that, like in math, subtracts upon the addition of the better of humanity. China, you always knew the math well.

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Random memory access: 10-20-2006

Jan. 30th, 2014 | 10:54 am


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Confusing Matthew

Apr. 6th, 2013 | 10:26 pm
location: Next to Waldo
mood: chug-a-lugish
music: Chip & Dale level five

In no way were this a decent post to this name-of-a-blog would I not be getting a laugh or two out of this dude overly critical and contentious reviews. First he's there to tell you how in all a movie sucked but y'know, this and that, so the total frenetic-imbued score gets a decent to generous ratio indent. And then... he spills the fucking beans.

Anyway, check out this fine bloke's Le Frustrated Me review page here: www.confusedmatthew.com. Be sure to get to watch all of his "original" reviews before you check the rest, 'cause MAN are those something!

Oh and by the way, yours truly here takes a moment of noticing the impeding doom of becoming an alcoholic. It would've been fun were it not so pathetic. Believe me: thinking that the Kaliningrad Oblast' should just up and give back all those Prussian (German) names to its cities is a hint of nonesenseness.

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Jan. 14th, 2010 | 01:48 am

LJ's got an entry of irc bots designed to simulate blogging, though they are intelligent enough to distinguish a simple question-answer situation from extensive interrogation and swiftly log out.

Moreover, MegaHAL (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MegaHAL) can even post threads on FB, VK, Twitter and etc. in order to avoid machinery tests. Anons on VK who indentified it as a worm first were largely mistaken as this S.O.B. ignorelisted their invites. Seriously, even if you don't think about it, it's still hilarious.

I don't really give a batshit about LJ, I just found this feed interesting.

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